4 Things You Didn’t Know About Chickens

#1 Chickens can kill a snake
-chickens can peck really hard
-Who do you think would win in a fight; chickens or a snake? A group of chickens will surround a snake and peck it to death, then eat it. I’ve seen it with my own two eyes.

#2 Chickens Don’t Sleep In The Nest, They Sleep Up On A Stick
-One nest box is all you need for every 6 or 7 chickens you have
-Some people might think each chicken needs their own nest box, but they can share cuz they’re only in there when they lay an egg

#3 Chickens can be very loud
-You might think that roosters are the only loud ones, but hens can be very loud too. Hens aren’t loud as often as roosters, but when they’re loud they’re very loud. The thing about the hens is they’ll all chime in and you’ll have a couple hens going, look out!

#4 Even if you free range your chickens they need a nest box and food in the coop 24/7
-They will not get enough free ranging, there aren’t that many bugs to go around.
-You don’t want them laying eggs in random places, they need to have the nest boxes available so they can go there and lay eggs