5 Things I Wish I Knew About Mules

Mules have quite strength. They kind of just stand around, so you can forget what tremendous abilities are inside your mule. When it’s time to get the job done my mule has super powers and out does everyone in the pasture, then he settles right back down.

Mules are super smart and don’t waste their energy. A horse will prance around with it’s tail held high and show off it’s power. They look so beautiful doing it, it’s breathtaking to watch. Mules don’t do that, they are much more reserved and humble than a horse and don’t have that show off side to their personality, but don’t let that fool you because the superpower is in there ready and waiting.

Mules like easygoing people
Mules don’t like impatient people. There’s a saying “mules don’t suffer fools” and there isn’t an animal on earth that can teach you that better, but on the other hand, mules can be super loyal and protective, but they don’t just give that away, you have to earn it. I’m never rushy or impatient with my mule. I respect him and give him a chance to understand, then respond. I don’t worry about the time frame, I just keep asking and once he gets it, he is happy to do what I ask. I always remember there’s a big personality in him and I don’t take that as stubborn. Mules have a complex, interesting personality. I personally prefer that over a horses.

Mules need to eat less than horses
Mules have different needs when it comes to feeding them. Mules have a donkey body and should not be round and fat. Yes they can get round and fat but that is such a disservice to the mule and the way they are put together. Mules don’t have big bones like a horse, especially in their legs. They have donkey bones which are narrow dense bones and small strong donkey hooves. Mules should be more lean and wirey. I always feed my mule with that in mind. He gets crimped or rolled oats, grass hay and some soaked alfalfa cubes when it’s cold. A tiny bit of corn oil can be added. Then he’s a lean, mean mule machine ready to go.

Mules need mule saddles
Now that I know mules have skeletons like the donkey half, I need a mule saddle to make sure he is comfortable while he is working. I know this better than some because I own a donkey, a mule, and a Haflinger. I see every day that my mule has a donkey structure not a horse structure, so I need a mule saddle because my horse saddles don’t fit my mule properly. It’s no big deal to get a mule saddle, just make sure it is made by a true mule saddle maker that has been around for a while.

Mules have unique mouths
One more thing about mules that I have learned is that they have this odd little mouth thing. They like to stretch and twist their mouth and yawn real big and stick out their tongue. It’s something unique to mules and at first I was like “is there something wrong? Does he have something stuck in there?” But I quickly realized that is just something mules do. Some a little more than others, but they all do it. It’s his goofy side.