About The Animals

Today I’m going to talk about the animals I already have on the homestead and the ones I plan on getting in the future. I have the Haflinger ponies which I use for my personal fun and make a little money from when I give lessons and barter lessons.

Next are my two dogs. One is a welsh corgi, pit mix. He is a great little farm dog, but is not good as a watch dog. The second is a Great Dane, black lab mix. He is the watch dog for the farm and is very good at his job. They both serve there purpose. Its the perfect mix.

Next is the only pet we have that lives on her personalty alone and that is our potbelly pig (Pickles) She is our mascot. Then I have my Hens for our eggs. I like to have fun with them so when I picked them out I choose a wide variety of colors and different size birds.

Now I get all size and color eggs. I love that. Variety is the spice of life. Now, the animals I am getting in the near future are two pigs for meat. Also meat birds which are big chickens and I might try rabbits. I’m dying to make rabbit stew.

I met another homesteading family nearby and they do the rabbits. I plan to interview them in an upcoming show. Stay tuned.