Dealing With Termites In My Log Cabin

Becky talks about termites in a log cabin home, how the electrical is run, and how the plumbing is installed.

The best way to avoid termites in your log cabin is to build your lag home up on a stem wall, don’t build it on a slab foundation. Then make sure you don’t have anything touching your log home, cut back all the bushes and trees. Then you have to have a professional pest control person come out and treat the ground around your home. And you always need to keep an eye out for termites and their little tunnels and if you see them have the pest control person come back out.

In Becky’s log cabin the bottom log is cut flat on the inside so you run the electrical around the edge of the house, then you put a baseboard up with the outlets in that. You can also put most of the electrical in the interior walls so you don’t have to chisel your logs.

The plumbing is pretty easy when your house is up on a stem wall foundation, you just run all the plumbing in the crawl space. And you can make it even easier by having all your plumbing in one line on the same side of the house.