Do Raccoons Eat Chickens

Becky answers the question, Do raccoons eat chickens? The answer is yes, raccoons do eat chickens. Raccoons are omnivorous which means they eat everything…including your chickens.

Raccoons have little paws that work like your human hand. They can open latches. Raccoons are very intelligent, a raccoon can remember the solution to a task for up to 3 years.

Since raccoons are mostly nocturnal if you let your chickens out of the coop too early in the day the raccoons could still be lurking around.

Walk around your coop and look for any holes or openings where a raccoon could get in and cover it with 1 inch hardware wire.

Since raccoons are omnivorous they’ll be attracted to the chicken food that’s left in the coop. The smell of the chicken food draws them in and then they see your tasty morsels and then it’s bye bye chickens.

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