Enjoying the meat of our first homestead hog.

YUM! is all I can say. Just like our homestead eggs, the pork is so tasty, plus we get the satisfaction of knowing we can produce some of our own food. My reason and goal of homesteading Healthy, pure, clean food.

hog in pen

We love to cook and we love getting together to eat and having our own homegrown food makes it just that much better and more enjoyable.
Once you have a good hog pen and know where to get a piglet the rest is easy, until you get to the butchering, cutting, wrapping and freezing part.
I was going to do it myself at first, but once I thought about the setup I would need just to cut and wrap the hog I reconsidered, and found a local butcher. Now, the second time around will be a breeze.

freezer full of pork

A few people have asked me about the price comparison between raising your own and buying at the store and I always answer from my heart (and stomach) I haven’t figured it out, BUT I am going for quality not price, and I have a top notch product. I took some chops over to my friends house to cook for dinner and nothing made me happier than seeing the husband chewing on the chop like a caveman and saying “this is a GOOD chop” several times. That’s what its all about, good friends, good food, simple life!!

The reason I like to do my web sight is because I want to encourage other people to consider homesteading as a choice. We have LOTS of directions to choose from now a days and homesteading is one of them and I want to put that out there for people to see.

I didn’t grow up on a homestead or a farm, but it has been in me sense I was a little girl about 6 or 7, My father use to tell me your going to marry a farmer which I didn’t. I ‘M the homesteader. I just want to say if it’s in you, don’t fight it, go with it. You and your whole family and friends will benefit

Happy Homesteading!