Having skills and ability are valuable.

Moving to the country and starting a homestead means we will be learning new skills.

Develop a healthy sense of humor. I really mean that because it’s hard to do things you have never done before. Let me tell you from experience you don’t develop a new skill from one try. That’s where the sense of humor will be handy. Skills as simple as growing vegetables, Cooking all home cooked meals, Keeping a few chickens for eggs and heating with a wood stove and care of that stove all seem simple but require skills largely lost in today’s society. These are simple skills that add great value because they make us more self sufficient.

Here is one silly little test to see how self sufficient you are. I use cooking because we all need to eat. OK pretend POOF no more electricity. How would you cook? What would you cook in? Could you build a camp fire and cook outside? Do you have cast iron and enamelware pots and pans? or is everything plastic microwavable and dishwasher safe? Good question. Maybe we can balance that out. It couldn’t hurt. If you couldn’t buy everything, What could you make? Bread? Soap? Butter? Do you have the tools required to make these simple things? Do you have the skills? I like to think about water also. What would your water source be? Would you have to depend on someone else? I don’t want to come across as crazy, but these are questions a self sufficient homesteader has to ask. This doesn’t mean anti social because homesteaders are friendly and neighborly.

Happy Homesteading.