Here’s a tour of my full size chicken coop and all the eggs I get.

If you’re thinking about chickens, you have to think about the hen house. The two go hand in hand. A good hen house is so critical to your success that it means tons of delicious eggs or frustration and failure.
This is my simple design that works so so well in keeping my hens and myself happy. It can easily be modified slightly to accommodate any climate. It is so simple to build that even a first time builder can do it.
If you want to be successful with keeping some backyard chickens then put a lot of time and thought into your chicken coop, think about size, location and how weather proof you will need it for your area. Always build it strong and sturdy and make it predator proof. You don’t want to ever worry about something getting in the coop and killing your chickens. Believe me you get attached to your chickens and want to make sure they stay safe at night or while you’re at work. Get my new book “Becky’s Guide To Raising Backyard Chickens” here.