Here’s The Best Livestock Fencing For Your Little Farm

I have strung up lots and lots of livestock fencing for many different kinds of animals and let me tell you it is hard work.

I have also repaired lots of fencing and that is even a bigger drag.

Well here is some fencing that is easy to put up, super sturdy and looks good. I love this stuff. Once it is up you can sleep good at night knowing all your animals are right where they should be. Animals are hard on fencing. Just by their nature they push and rub and lean and paw on fencing. When you’re watching that from your window your blood pressure goes up!

They know they are naughty but they also know you can’t get them fast enough. By the time you get out there, they are standing there all innocent like “What,
did you walk all the way out here just to say hi to me?” It becomes this crazy little game they play.

Well this fencing can end all that.

They make horse, cow, hog, and goat. It is a bit more pricey but if you factor in how easy it is to install and how sturdy it is and how much time it will save on repairs and high blood pressure it is worth every penny

Another nice feature is you can plant flowering vines like Jasmine next to it and it will become a green fence. The weight of the plants won’t squish it down over time like other fencing that is flimsy. So it then becomes a nice green privacy fence. It will look beautiful from both sides.

It all comes in 16 foot panels so you can get a lot of fencing up fast. It also works perfect for smaller animal pens. A 16 by 16 pen looks neat and tidy and can also be used for a garden.