How To Care For Cast Iron Cookware Properly

No one is rougher on cast iron than me. I don’t do anything you’re “supposed” to do.
A lot of people are turned off to cast iron because other people make it seem so involved to take care of it. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be.
Leave it on the porch for the dogs to lick.
First you leave it in the sink for 3 days soaking so their are big rust rings on your enamel sink. Then scrub it with dawn dish soap and a scrubber, throw it in the dish rack, let it dry with rust spots all over. Store until needed.
Then when you need pick up the rusty cast iron frying pan. Put it in the stove and heat it up. Put some canola oil spray in there and cook.
There’s a lot of other ways to do cast iron but this is the Becky way.
The reason I like it is theirs no reason to be picky.
Always heat it up first before you put the food in there.