How To Choose A Log Cabin Kit

The number one question I get is, “What log cabin company did you use”?

That is a good question because building a log cabin kit is a huge investment. There is no one answer that fits all because things always change. We all live in different places. What works for one might not be a perfect fit for someone else.

That’s why we are working on an e-book that contains everything I learned from researching and choosing my log cabin kit.

I hope my experience in going from total greenie to successful cabin builder will be helpful.

I was a suburban mother and housewife who wanted to move to the country and build my own house. My father was a builder and I had a strong desire to build my own home. I knew I would be the builder of whatever I chose, because my husband is not a builder, can’t build.

In fact he looked me in the face and asked if I thought I could really do it because he won’t be any help at all. I said I could because I was so determined. I wanted my farm and cabin. I feel blessed that he was willing to go along on the journey, but the work was up to me.

I did a years worth of research on the Internet, reading everything on log cabins before I chose my log cabin kit, now with my “How To Choose A Log Cabin” e-book I hope I can save you time, money, and stress if you want to build a log cabin too. The point is if I can do it you can too!!

Happy Homesteading!