How to Start A Homestead

How do you know if you’re homesteader?

A lot of people are considering a change to a homesteading lifestyle. It has a lot of appeal, it’s a greener lifestyle, if done right it’s simpler and more stress free. Leaving more time to relax and spend time with the people you love. It’s exciting to learn new valuable skills that directly benefit you and your family. It’s very appealing to think about spending way more time outside in the fresh air. Let’s face it there is a lot to be drawn to, but how do you know, really know if homesteading is for you? That’s a good question because changing your lifestyle is a big deal. You want to give it some thought before jumping in and I want to help you in that process.

First and foremost I think it’s something you’re born with. It’s a gift, kind of like being born with the gift is music or dance. Something you have always felt in your heart pulling at you. It doesn’t matter if you were born and raised in the city and never visited a farm ever. It can still be your gift. You just have to develop it, just like the dancer has to develop dance steps, balance, timing and so on. Some people sadly never develop their gift for whatever reason.

So, step one recognize your gift to homestead. As I always, always say to everyone, rich or poor, young or old, start small, start small, start small. It takes way more than money to be successful at homesteading. It take skill and skill takes time to develop, but it is such a fun, exciting journey.

Step two, plan, plan, plan and research and read and study. Don’t forget your developing a gift, that takes work. Think about all the time and hours dancers, singers, doctors or whatever put into developing their gift. Well the only difference is ours is way more fun. Don’t forget the fun part. Homesteaders get to see a lot of cute, nice stuff living a life with animals and nature.

Step three, get started! After spending time reading and researching, do it, just do it. You will make blunders and mistakes and things will sometimes feel like they backfired, but part of our homesteading gift is we are tough, we don’t give up, we push through. There is something in there that pushes us on. Go with it and try again. Some things I really want to do (like gardening) and I just keep pushing and pushing and finally see some progress. It’s all good and I love my little victories. Don’t kid yourself and think you will be an instant master.

Step four, choose wisely! You can’t do everything, nobody can. If you bite off more than you can chew…..well you know… will choke, and choking is no fun. Better to do three homesteading things and be a standout than to do eight homesteading things and suck at them all.
Sometimes you will give something a try and then realize it’s just not for you. No shame in that. If animals are involved just make sure you rehome them to good homes and change directions.

Once you have been homesteading for several years you will have more skill and your decisions will be better. You will have more of an idea of what’s really involved work wise because homesteading take physical work.

Step five, enjoy! Enjoy every day you get to homestead to whatever degree you can. Enjoy the journey, enjoy being outside and growing things, enjoy making thing with your own two hands. Enjoy the simple, relaxing mindset of a homesteader.

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