I LOVE The Sunny Weather

I just love the sunny weather!

I get so motivated to get the garden going. I never loose the desire to grow a garden, even though I am not that good yet. I am finding that gardening is definitely a skill. A skill worth developing.

A friend of mine has goats and we will be making goat milk soap soon. She has never made soap, I have but only lye soap. One reason I like homemade soap is that it doesn’t melt away fast. One bar last. You don’t realize how fast store bought soap melts until you try homemade. Theirs a big difference.

I plan on getting a dairy goat in the fall. I can’t wait. I get everything ready first. Then bring the animal home last. Less problems. I try to avoid problems and increase joy! I want to make cheese, soap and I like to drink milk.

I will be ordering some meat birds (chickens) pretty soon. We will see how that whole process goes. I know some people don’t like that idea but I buy chicken from the store anyway and I know the big commercial meat producer don’t care about the comfort of the chicken. I know the end is the same for the chicken but I would rather live a happy life and die, then a crappy life and die. That’s how I feel.

I got the best deal on a horse trailer through being neighborly and just chit chatting with people. I am always suprised at the deals I get. It’s a two horse slant load aluminum skin with a dressing room. five hundred bucks. I sold my old horse trailer a few years ago to help build my cabin. You know how you have to do what it takes when your on a mission.

Happy Homesteading!