Investing For Beginners: What’s the best investment for homesteaders?

What’s your biggest investment?

Is it your house? Stock market? Retirement Fund? Cars? Career? Education?

No it’s none of those. Those are all good things only if they can help you get closer to the one investment that really matters.

If you invest in your education just so you can get a 60 hour a week job with huge student loans, is that a good move?

Is it worth it to work 60 hours a week to pay for a huge house?

The best investment you could possibly make for yourself is…your lifestyle!

What does that mean?

Your lifestyle is what you do every day, imagine a “day in the life” show starring you! What would that involve.

Tell me if this looks like your lifestyle…The alarm clock rattles you out of bed, you stumble to the shower to wake yourself up, then run to kitchen to drink a bunch of caffeine and sugar to give you another boost to wake you up because you didn’t sleep enough, get dressed then out the door to fight the traffic on your way to the office. Work all morning until you eat your fast food lunch, then by mid afternoon it all catches up with you. You’re tired because you didn’t sleep enough and you haven’t eaten anything nutritious all day. You get out of work and maybe have a few cocktails, then grab some more drive through on your way home. And it all starts over again the next morning with your alarm rattling you out of bed.

Then the question is, is that the lifestyle you want to live. Because that is your life. Forget the car, forget the house, that is your life day in and day out.

Here’s what people don’t realize, it doesn’t take a ton of money to live an awesome lifestyle. People are getting in debt with student loans and big house and cars, thinking that’s a lifestyle. And it is, it’s a debt lifestyle that squishes you down. Really you’re just confused you think that’s what you want but what you really want is to be free. Debt free, more free time, and stress free.

I invested in my lifestyle so now I have low bills, a little cabin, & looooots of free time. Having low bills is owning your time, it’s owning yourself, and that’s better than going “look at my diamond ring, it costs 20k dollars”, but then that ring owns you because you’re out there working for it.

I put a lot of thought into every move I make to make sure I keep my nice lifestyle going to me it’s not worth having a big flashy car, a big huge house, and working non stop to pay for it.

Tell me in the comments what your dream lifestyle would be…