Learning To Make Adjustments

I would like to talk about a very important aspect of homesteading. Adjustments, the need comes along quite often so I want to talk about having the right attitude while making adjustments.

The most important thing is to not let yourself feel like a failure if you have to make an adjustment. If you’re like me, you will look forward to trying lots of new things on your homestead. There is just so much stuff you can do and have both inside and out. Adjustments are bound to happen. When I give something new a try I do my very best to research it and talk to a mentor if I can find one.

First I always make sure I have the right housing if it’s an animal, then learn what foods it needs and so on. I try to get a feel of what’s involved. Then I go ahead and give it a try. I am not the kind of person who gives up easy. I’m not talking about being a quitter. That’s why I’m making the point of having the right attitude while making adjustments.

Sometimes after getting into something you realize you’re just not feeling it. I think it’s better to make the needed adjustment rather than let something just drop off your radar and not care anymore. I only want to do a good job and if I feel I can’t do that I will make whatever adjustment is necessary. Life is ever changing and we want to tackle it with a good positive attitude.

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