Master One Skill Befor You Move On To The Next One.

I have the care of my egg hens down really well! I get steady, good eggs from my hens with no problems. Now, I am ready to add dairy goats. I think it is important to master one skill before you move on to the next. especially if your looking for success. Nothing is worse than having two or three things going wrong at the same time. Every problem needs your attention, and being pulled in more than one direction is stressful. For me it’s easy to get myself into that situation because I get so excited about my farm, but I have learned having success is so gratifying and much better than being impulsive. So for me it’s one thing at a time when it comes to expanding my farm. Every new addition needs housing of course, but also tools for processing and so forth. I need to plan all that out to be able to financially afford my new project. Life on the farm is so good it’s better than my dreams.

Happy Homesteading