Mortgage Questions You Need To Ask

Are you wondering if a 30yr mortgage is right for you? Is it a good life plan? If you’re a first time buyer, what are some of the things you should think about?

What you should know before you sign a 30yr mortgage.

Think long and hard before you sign up for a 30yr mortgage. Because your mapping out your life in a very specific course.

If you can’t pay it off in 10 years you shouldn’t buy it.

The real estate industry has made the prices go sky high by getting everyone to sign up for a 30 year mortgage. If something takes you 30 years to pay off you can’t afford it. The monthly payment might be affordable but it’s going to take you 30 years to pay it off!

What if in year 22 of your 30yr mortgage you get cancer and lose everything?

More people should pass down their homestead. It’s ridiculous that every generation has to start over. But the media has trained all the young people to always be looking for the bigger better deal, so grandma’s stuff is gross and not good enough. Instead of taking grandma’s stuff and putting your own twist on it and make it your own, the world has you thinking you have to go out and get in debt to buy it new.

You waste years of your life figuring that out.

Being in big debt is bad for your health. You have to think about caring for yourself, everyday chores, cooking cleaning shopping. You have the pressure of caring for family members, children, elderly parents. The pressure of your job and taxes. So that’s already a lot of pressure. You don’t need the added pressure of a 30yr mortgage weighing you down. Adding the huge pressure of a 30yr mortgage is almost more than a person can bare. It’s just not healthy or needed, there are other ways.

Some people say getting a house the non traditional way isn’t easy, but paying off a 30yr mortgage isn’t easy. In fact it’s harder and more stressful. Here’s the thing getting a house in a non traditional is a little more leg work up but it so pays off because you’re stress free. And I’m not saying don’t get a mortgage I’m saying how about a 10yr. If you can’t pay it off in 10yrs you probably can’t really afford it. My son got a 10yr mortgage on a little place and payed it off early.

I’m not saying don’t get a homestead, I’m saying don’t get yourself in huge burdensome debt. I think having a homestead is super healthy for you, it helps you be financially and emotionally stable.

Homesteading is taking charge of your own life. Instead of being a sheep and following the crowd. It’s being a little more independent. Doing as many things for yourself as possible so you save money and have useful skills so you feel like you’re in control of your life.

When you focus on getting your monthly bills as low as possible and refuse to get more bills no matter what, your homestead life is so much better.