Must-Have Products for Raising Baby Chicks

When you finally decide you’re going to start raising baby chicks and begin your own backyard flock, it’s an exciting day. Most people think about it for a long time before they actually go to the store to get their chicks.

Most people also want to take great care of their chicks. Of course, it’s easy and convenient to get everything at one store. That’s where Tractor Supply comes in. They have everything you need to get started, including the baby chicks!

Tractor Supply’s Chick Days is each spring and fall (the spring event is happening through April 29). In addition to purchasing chicks and ducklings on-site, stores feature all the items needed to begin the process, including starter kits, feed, bedding, heat bulbs and lamps, coops and more.

Don’t know where to begin? Watch as I go shopping for baby chicks and the items you need to get started at Tractor Supply in the video above. After watching, you’ll be on your way to starting your own backyard flock!

Here are my must-have products for my baby chicks:

  1. The Chick Corral: This is what my baby chickens live in.
  2. Fresh Flakes Bedding: This goes on the floor of the chick corral. I change the bedding every day.
  3. Organic Chick Starter & Chick Grit: I like this organic feed, and the chick grit is very important so they can digest their food properly.
  4. Heat Lamp & Bulb: Put the heat lamp on one side of the pen to keep the chicks warm.
  5. Water DishFood Dish: These items are simple and do the trick.

If you need anything chicken related, check out Tractor Supply. For more information about Tractor Supply’s Chick Days, visit

This post is sponsored by Tractor Supply.