Planting Bulbs To Attract Bees

I’m trying a new approach in my garden this year. Here it is, all I want to do is attract wild bees. Anything that is going to bring me closer to that goal I’m interested in. So I’m thinking flowers, flowering flowers everywhere.

I do have some veggies in containers, but this year I want wild bees. To make it a bit more permanent I’m planting bulbs that like full sun. I love flowers and all the colors and fragrance. It makes it very pleasant to sit outside and hopefully will help my vegetables too.

I also planted two purple wisteria and a jasmine that will cover a little archway leading into the courtyard all for the wild bees. I didn’t want to forget the butterflies so I planted milkweed for the Monarchs. I know once they lay their eggs on the bush they will come back every year

Instead of focusing on growing vegetables which has not worked out too well for me, I have to look at it a different way, hopefully the end result will be more veggies. If not the yard will look good so no loss.