Real Happiness

Once you decide to live the simple life there is something you need to ponder. Here it is… There is a difference between pleasure and happiness. Pleasure is tricky and here’s why. A drug addict gets pleasure when he or she is doing the drug, but is definitely not happy trying to find more money to get the next fix.

Spending too much on the credit card brings pleasure when shopping, but when the bill comes in the mail you won’t be happy nor will you be happy working to pay that bill for a long time to come. Happiness on the other hand doesn’t seen to come as quickly as pleasure , but it brings more satisfaction. Moving to our land and starting our homestead which includes building our log cabin by ourselves, that has taken 3 years so far, but I can say we have never been happier. It’s like we figured it out for ourselves that stuff doesn’t make a person happy. You know you have heard it before and so had we, but until we put it into practice we had no idea how it really feels.

Now my husband and I would take happiness and satisfaction over pleasure any day. I think a lot of good people have gotten caught up in the pursuit of pleasure which is so fleeting and have lost their way. We should all get back to the basics and find joy and happiness in our lives again.If you need a little encouragement and would like to see some of the projects taking place on our homestead. We would love to encourage everyone to pursue the homesteading lifestyle.

Happy Homesteading