Some Of The Best Reasons To Be A Homesteader.

Sitting here on my front porch looking out over my garden and pastures, I think about all the future projects I want to do. I have never felt so at home.

That’s because I built this place. It’s my blood sweat and tears that made it all happen. I want to convey that feeling to everyone if I can.

It’s the number one reason to work hard and pay off your debt so you can buy your land, and you too can start your homestead. It’s fine to start out crawling or taking baby steps. At least your heading in the right direction.

Making the goal of being a homesteader, putting it in your head and heart, Then going in that direction is the first step. At that point you are a homesteader. Everything you do should bring you along further in your journey.

No matter where you are or what you want to do preparation is the key. With that in mind every homestead will need the basics.

If your not on your land yet that won’t stop you from gathering some of the things you will need.

Here’s what I mean. No doubt you will need certain tools. A shovel, rake, pitch fork, a hoe, hoses a garden cart a hammer.

This can be your first homestead project, and the way you get them will give you practice in the community driven, neighborly department as well. Try to barter for them. You will have things you won’t need anymore once you scale down. Use them to barter. Remember simplify.

The kitchen is the one room that will change alot on the homestead. Start now. Get cast iron cookware and enamel ware pots. Try to get rid of all your plastic and replace it with glass. All his takes time so do it bit by bit.

To be a homesteader you don’t have to wait for the perfect time to make the change, it’s never the perfect time. You just make the decision in your heart and starting scratching and moving forward.

Happy Homesteading!