Summer Fun

I have spent the last six weeks giving riding lessons ( for barter ) to my neighbors girls. What fun everyone has had. I hate to see it end, but the girls who I have been giving lessons to have to go back home to Michigan. This is the 2ND summer for the girls. Can’t wait until next year. I made some obstacles from stuff around the homestead. I use laundry soap bottles 1/2 full of sand for cones. It works out perfect. I made a little jump with left over cement blocks and 2x4x12s. I made mounting stairs from plywood and put them in the pasture along with the other stuff. I made an L using extra PVC pipe. This is the first year I gave the lesson while I rode too. That worked out really good. The kids had so much fun playing follow the leader, me, then I would go to the back and the next kid would lead and so on and so forth. That worked out good too, because then I could see everyone and give instruction as needed. It’s amazing how much fun you can have with homemade stuff. You don’t have to have a lot¬†of money or fancy things to get out there and enjoy the fresh air and animals. Its good for everyone! Happy Homesteading