Thank You For All The Emails

I want to thank everyone for all the nice emails. I just love to hear from everyone, especially the younger people who plan on becoming homesteaders after school. I think that is such a good choice and I don’t think you will ever be sorry. I know I’m not.

I have been busy here on my homestead cooking. Home cooked meals are so yummy and healthy. It’s just endless fun that everyone enjoys. Food has always been my main reason for homesteading in the first place and that has not changed. I like everything about it. Growing, canning, recipes, cooking and for me it goes even deeper because I plan on making home made cheese, yogurt and ice cream from our goat milk, which is a little more involved and time consuming. I want to get bees in the next year or so and we plan on getting a beef cow and meat chickens.

Now, with all this delicious food around here we need a lovely place to sit and enjoy it. We want the whole experience! I have been working on a granite court yard, which is a lot of work. My husband now calls me Michelangelo, I take that as a big compliment.

When you manage to get a homestead there is always something fun going on and things and projects to look forward too. It’s hard to sit in front of my computer when I want to be outside. That is a problem everyone should have if you ask me. Until next time.

Happy Homesteading!