The 3 Best Chicken Breeds

What I want in a chicken breed is for it to be gentle and be happy living in a small backyard coop. All 3 of these breeds are quite and lay great eggs.

Black Australorp

Light brown eggs

Calm & docile, they won’t ever peck you.

They can handle living in a coop good, that makes them the perfect backyard chicken. They’re hardy in the winter because they’re poofy. I love how the feather have a green shine on them when the sun hits it just right. They stay in the coop.

A duel purpose breed, that means they’re good for both laying eggs and eating. So you could have a rooster and when they have babies you could eat the roosters and keep the hens for eggs.

Buff Orpington

Light brown egg.

A little bit bigger than the Black Australorp

So pretty to look at. That beautiful golden color is very enjoyable to see in the coop.

I don’t find them to be as friendly as the Black Australorp but they are still a friendly chicken.

Also a duel purpose breed.

They escape the coop sometimes.

White Leghorn

Best egg production. The eggs are extra large.

They’re medium-small in size.

When you have a white one, a poofy gold one, and a black one in the coop it’s so pretty to look at, it’s really nice.