The Best Prepper Survival Kit #2 – Food

In this video I’m going to show you exactly what food I keep in my survival kit. But first…

When the power goes out how long is the food in your fridge good for? How long is it still safe to eat?
The fridge is only good for 4 hours if you keep the door shut. 4 hours is not that long. And then the food’s questionable. And if you think getting sick from dirty is water bad, food poisoning is even worse. You can die from food poising. The last thing you need when you’re trying to survive is to make yourself sick because you’re desperate.

The rule is, don’t get hurt, and don’t get sick. So be prepared, that’s the best way to handle all that.

I want to give you a little tip! If you know the disaster is coming throw all the food from the refrigerator into the freezer, that way it will last longer. If your freezer is full it can last 48 hours, if it’s half full about 24 hrs. That’s way longer than the fridge, the refrigerator is basically useless once the power is out. The key is keep the darn door shut, don’t keep opening it to see if it’s still cold in there. Don’t touch it!

If your freezer is full of meat it can last longer than 48hrs, but if you’re freezer is full of tv dinners and bread you’ll be lucky if it last 48 hours.

What food should I get for my survival kit?

It’s worth the effort to get these few thing together for your kit, because in a true crisis it will make a biiiiig difference.

You have to make sure you keep your survival kit fresh, which means swapping out the food before it hits the expiration. Everything has an expiration dat, even canned food. So I like to have food in my survival kit that I’m happy to eat when the expiration date comes and you have to swap it out. It’s not a problem, you’re going to put it on the table and swap it out with the new one.

Don’t build your kit and bury it on the back of your closet, and then 3 years later when you need it, it’s all expired. Keep it visible, keep it fresh.

After a disaster it’s going to be stressful so for my survival kit I want food that’s ready to grab and eat while I’m getting settled.

Food List
Honey: The raw organic honey because everybody has sweet tooth, plus it has nutrients when it’s raw and organic. And you can put it on a cut to prevent infection. Plus honey lasts forever, it’s the one thing in your kit that’s eternally delicious.
Quest Bars: sometimes when you’re bummed out it’s nice to have a little goodie, these are good for you and taste good too.
Some people say you should get clif bars for your kit, but they’re full of soy and sugar. Empty calories, I’d rather have a snickers.
Instant Coffee: it’s nice to have a cup of coffee when you’re sitting around the camp fire.
Real Powdered Milk: it’s a good thing to have on hand if you have little kids, and you can put some in your coffee.
Datrex Bars: these taste bland, but they last 5 years so they’re worth having on hand just in case.
Canned Food
Sardines: we like sardines because they’re highly nutritious, they have protein and essential fats. They’re like a super food.
Beans: have protein and carbs, and they’re easy.
Cans of whatever: just get some different cans of what you like. Like peaches or ravioli.
Can Opener: make sure you have 2 can openers.
Matches or Wind Proof Lighter: Get 2 wind proof lighters and a box of matches.

How big should my food supply be?
Minimum 3 days, longer if you live in an earthquake zone.

Once you have your survival kit ready you’ll feel much better. While your neighbors are a mess waiting for somebody else to save them, you’ll be very happy you prepared ahead of time.