The Big Move

We made the big move to our 2 1/2 acres to start our simple life. I didn’t know exactly how to do everything so I figured we will take it as we go. I put the house we owned on the market and 4 months later we headed out with all our stuff including ponies,pet pig (Pickles),chickens a dog and a cat with our 52 thousand profet from the house. We drove the 2 hours to our land and pulled in. No house, no water, no electric, no camper, nothing. When I say we started from scratch I mean it.

We slept in the car then put up a tin shed and moved in there. We cooked on a campfire and started clearing the land. This was a joint family effort because our 20 year old son had an acre around the corner from our land.

His piece, at one time had well, power and septic. after the tin shed was up we cleared around the well and power poll. Within a few weeks we had water for the animals. Before that his nice neighbor let us run a hose.

In the mean time I hired someone to clear an acre and put in well, power and septic. After all the log cabin kit was coming.

The cabin kit cost 30 thousand and is 22 x 38. I put up a pasture and moved all the animals to our land. My husband bought a 12 x 12 tent. I put 9 pallets 3 in a row and screw plywood on top then put the tent on that. Home sweet home. We have taker things one step at a time.

We dug the footers with shovels. I built the stem walls and piers mixing the cement by hand. That was 2 years ago this month.

Now July 2007 I sit in my cabin on my sofa. The ruff plumbing is in and I am working on the electric. We have a little way to go, but we have come a long, long way. We have all survived and we love our simple life.