The Homestead Weight Loss Secret

My secret is, get off the sugar. Get off the dairy. Light on the carbs. Lots of meat and vegetables.

You can’t think of it as a temporary thing.
Your daily meals have to be meat and vegetables.

Now that I have more time and less stress from my homestead I can experiment with different kinds of dishes.

If you think you have “diet food” and “regular food” that won’t work because you’ll want to rebel against the “diet food”.

Drink water. Drink one cup of water every hour. Get off caffeine.

You have to be positive that you can do it but realistic about how hard it will be.

Positive expectations of your ability to succeed, but realistic expectations of how hard it will be.

Trying to be perfect makes you mess up and be less perfect, it actually backfires.

And being too lackadaisical will make every meal a celebration and you’ll never lose weight.

Every meal doesn’t have to be a delicious event.

The middle road where you eat meat and vegetables and don’t try to be perfect.

If you just cook fresh food at home a lot of the problems take care of themselves, that’s the homestead secret, and why homesteading is a lifestyle that lets you be healthier. You don’t even have to think about anything else. The more you have to think about something the less likely you are to be successful.

Eat Meat and Vegetables
Drink A Cup Of Water Every Hour
Cook Fresh Food At Home

Eat Sugar
Eat A Lot Of Carbs
Eat Dairy