Things I Like To Say

I like to say “Now is the time to Homestead”. A lot of people are thinking about being more independent and self sufficient in the economic climate we have today. I think that’s great. Sometimes it takes a jolt to waken our inner homesteader. It’s a nice direction to go in. I don’t think people will be dissatisfied once they are homesteading for themselves. Everyone will benefit.
Right now as I sit here, my pony and donkey are playing tag. The hummingbirds are busy going too, and from the feeder and three bunny rabbits are running around the pasture. I think the pony and donkey got them going.

It almost sounds fake, but it’s for real I feel so blessed that I can now enjoy the small things in life. Things like growing a garden, how many eggs I got today and reading about how to make cheese fill my thoughts. Things that really matter, because no matter what’s going on in the world, who’s fighting who, this one doesn’t like that one. Every things a problem, but at the end of the day all we want is dinner.

We just want to feed the family a nice dinner. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live. We all feel the same. Remember to keep it simple! YUM what’s for dinner? We don’t homestead because of the economic or world conditions. We homestead because we want too. We like it.

Another thing I like to say is, “You have to start somewhere”. Sometimes you find yourself far, far, from where you want to be. The journey seems so big and overwhelming you might just say forget it I’ll never get there. Well don’t rob yourself of an adventure. There are lots of exciting things to learn and discover along the way. Don’t look at it as a destination look at it as a journey. Every journey has to start from somewhere.

When it comes to “ going green” I want to say count me in. I look at the world as one big bucket. No one country or person fill the bucket. We all tipped it over. Well it’s setting the right way now. Lets all try to fill it up in whatever way we can. Your drop counts!!

Happy Homesteading