Thinking Ahead

When it’s cold and I am stuck in the house more than I like, I spend time thinking ahead. I am thinking garden, what I need to do to improve it a bit this year. I know I need taller fencing. The chicken wire doesn’t keep my hens out. They are very determined girls. I also need a better hoe. I just ordered one from Lehmans. I like all there stuff. It’s simple but works well. So this spring I hope to plant more stuff then last year. I also want to raise some meat this year. I have all the post in for the pen. All I need are the wire panels. I hope to get them today. My goal is to raise as much of my own food as I can. I can only do things bit by bit. I don’t want to use credit and make bills. Bit by bit is fine, I am used to it now. I am over the instant gratification mindset. Owing sucks!! When You are cash and carry it feels SOO GOOD. It takes time to get to that point but it’s worth it.