What Do You Feed Goats

I want to talk about what I feed my goats and see what other people are feeding theirs. We will get a homestead view of goat food.

I live in Florida, so it’s warm here. I hardly feed any grain. If I do, I feed a hand full of Purina all stock per goat. I do feed good hay, alfalfa or T&A or O&A. Let me say what T&A is. It’s Timothy grass and Alfalfa and O&A is orchard grass and Alfalfa. My goats stay very healthy and shiny on this diet.

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I find my two small dairy goats to be very easy keepers. So far I’m loving keeping the goats and I think a lot of people could keep a small dairy goat or two for fresh healthy milk. A small dairy goat doesn’t need much room. A pen 20 by 20 is big enough if they have stuff to climb and jump on. That could be good news for the people who don’t have a lot of land, but who still would like to raise some of their own fresh food. It’s something to think about!

So, please write in the comments below and let me know what state you live in, what kind of goats you keep and what you feed and I will list all the different foods and locations.