Why Are My Chickens Not Laying Eggs

If my chickens did not lay eggs, first I want to know ow old they are. If you got a bunch of busted old hens from some farm for free, they might be too old.
A second thing is maybe they’re too young.
After the age of the chickens is determined I start troubleshooting, and there’s 5 things I would make sure I’m doing.
1 Are they getting enough to eat.
Whole corn and a little bit of bread everyday can bring a chicken around if they are having trouble, that’s in addition to their laying mash, crimped oats, and alfalfa hay, or alfalfa pellets.
2 Do they have a cozy, private nest box?
When I say cozy and private, it has to be hidden away in a dark corner somewhere, away form people, dogs, cars, really private.
3 worm your chickens with DE
All animals have worms, they live outside, there are worms outside, I personally like the chemical free all natural wormer called DE, I’ve been using it for years to great success. You can get the DE I use here on Amazon.
4 make sure they have grit so they have enough calcium
Grit is really important because it gets in their gizzard, it’s like a little bag of rocks that churns and grinds up their food, so they get all the nutrition out of it. Plus they get the calcium they need. Grit is an absolute must. Once the little grit in their belly gets ground down small enough it passes through, so you have to keep your chickens supplied with grit all the time.
5 stress will make chickens stop laying eggs
Stress will make a hen stop laying eggs licit split, you could be getting perfect egg production, something will stress your hen out, and boom she stops laying eggs.
You have to make sure nothing is stalking your chickens at night, that means a solid coop, not just wire where the predator can stand right there staring at your chickens.
Your dog can’t be circling the coop baking at them, and your kids can’t be chasing them around the yard chasing them.
They can’t be near bright reflections, and bright lights, look and see if the sun is reflecting off the swimming pool, the car, the siding on your house, because oddly that will do it.