Why I love mules


I just have to give you an update on my new mule Charlie. Charlie is our first mule and we want him for ridding. We have Doodle’s our donkey for driving, and LOVE him!!
We like to trail ride with friends and family so I needed a brave, calm mount. For me brave is the most valuable quality a mount can have. I have had several horses and a couple good ones, so I’m not slamming horses. It’s just for me mules are way, way better!! I enjoy being lovey doves to my animals. My horses have always been friendly, BUT nothing like Charlie and Doodles. The horses will stay for a bit of petting then turn and go back to eating. The donkey and mule give you love back, and will leave anything to come stand next to me and I don’t mean for just a little while. I think they would stay all day!! This naturally makes me love them more.


We started out with Charlie being halter broke only. So, we have had to teach him everything, Charlie has learned everything so easy. We are very calm and nice to him and he is such a fast learner. We have had him for nine months now and We have ridden him on five, six and seven mile traile rides already without even one problem. He hauls fine, we have been camping with him, no problems.


He is even good when I trim his feet. He pretty much lives on hay and looks good. We do feed 12-12 minerals. We give grain as a goodie and when we ride a lot I will feed a small amount once a day for a few day’s just to keep them robust.
Now the fun part, he is soo great on the trails. He has a loose, fast walk, and can go forever it seems. He comes home still in the lead and feeling fresh and perky. Car’s, dogs, kids running out to see us, the river, mud, rocks, 4 wheelers, nothing seems to bother him. He’s just such a blast!!
If you think you want to try a mule, I say do it. You will have a brave, calm, fun, loving trail partner.


Remember, all the horror stories you have heard about mules is because people treat them like horses. They are not a hores. They are way smarter and if you whip them even once they will never forget how you treated them, but if on the other hand if you can win their trust it’s the best ever. You have to prove yourself to a mule or donkey. They don’t obey just anybody. Correct, but be nice and patient they pick it up fast.